Natural geotextiles SIFOR Soil Saver

SIFOR Soil Saver

SIFOR Soil Saver is made of unbleached and chemically untreated jute fibres. This unique structure of cloth allows all plants to unfold their growth without let or hindrance. When it rains the open woven jute cloth with its thick yarns act like small dikes, i.e. there is no wash away or washing out. The completely soaked jute cloth prevents the drying out of the plants and the variation of temperature is also diminished. SIFOR-nettings of jute fit every uneven surface provided it is laid out in a loose manner.
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6010-3641 Jute Soil Saver 48"
122 cm
1.22 lbs, 6.5x4.5/DM
496g/m2, Z-fold
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