Natural geotextiles SIFOR Erosion coir nettings

SIFOR Erosion coir nettings

SIFOR-Erosion coir nettings are made of high-grade chemically untreated coir fibres. These products in coir decompose much slower than jute; therefore they are used for many tasks in erosion control i.e. hydraulic engineering as well as landscape constructions. SIFOR-Erosion coir nettings protect the building land during four years. This enables the vegetation to develop undisturbed. The quality of the coir netting to be chosen depends on the surface of the ground.
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6030-3498 Coir geotextiles CCM400
200 cm
400g/m2, 3.5x3.5 dm2
100% coconut fibre
6030-3514 Coir geotextiles CCM700
200 cm
740g/m2, 7 x 5 dm2
100% coconut fibre
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