Jute Products Christmas Bags

Christmas Bags

All of our Santa Claus bags comply with the current foodstuff regulations of Europe and can therefore come into contact with food! For this purpose, our Santa Claus bags are manufactured in factories that respect the international social and ethical principles. We have a great variety in stock that is available immediately. Your personal logo can be printed on the storage bags when 25 pieces or more are ordered. Special designs on customer request are available for orders of 1,000 pieces or more – notice the delivery time. Our Santa Claus bags are sold without content and leave lots of creative freedom for your ideas for the filling.
Short description
1010-1859 Hessian bags (jute)
22 x 40 cm
ex 40x10oz/40
article "RZ-L4"
1010-1856 Hessian bags (jute)
22 x 40 cm
ex 40x10oz/40
article "RZ-L2"
1010-1829 Hessian bags (jute)
20 x 30 cm
ex 40x10oz/40
article "8000"
1010-5863 Set of 25 little jute bags
9.5 x 12.5 cm
w. draw string ex jute 4 cm
below mouth
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