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Brown Paper Pouches

You can get brown paper bags from us in various sizes and designs; as flat bag but also as a stand-up pouch, single or multi-layered, with or without handles, with or without print. All bags are suitable for food, animal feed but they are also used frequently for building products or other industrial products. We only have a limited selection here that is available in stock. You have not found the product you desire? All products can also be manufactured as customised products in formats and designs made to measure, with personalised print as desired by our customers. Please fill out the request form or contact us by telephone. We will also be happy to visit you on site to develop the suitable product together with you.
Short description
8510-5954 Kreuzbodenbeutel
14 x 5 x 22 cm
oben offen, Boden geklebt
1-lagig, braun, 70 g/m2
8510-5955 Kreuzbodenbeutel
16.5 x 6.5 x 26 cm
oben offen, Boden geklebt
1-lagig, braun, 70 g/m2
8510-5950 Kreuzbodenbeutel
23 x 9 x 37 cm
oben offen, Boden geklebt
1-lagig, braun, 70g/m2
8510-5951 Kreuzbodenbeutel
28 x 10 x 45 cm
oben offen, Boden geklebt
2-lagig, braun, 140g/m2
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