Big Bags Big Bags for cereals and animal food 95 x 95 x 180 cm, SWL 1'000 kg - SF 5:1

3510-8893 FORSI-Big Bags (single trip)   95 x 95 x 180 cm

Item no.3510-8893
Product DescriptionFORSI-Big Bags (single trip)

95 x 95 x 180 cm **
SWL 1'000 kg - SF 5:1
top with flap (fabric 160 gsm)
flap open on 3 sides - without tie string/strap
bottom closed
4 handles á 35 cm free length
fabric, handles and all seams in White colour
without document pocket
fabric 160 gsm
Industrial cleaned / hoovered
(free from any kind of production residues)
Minimum Order Size 20
Weight187.30 kg/100 pcs
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 3510-8893 FORSI-Big Bags (single trip)